Lives in Transition Program Ending December 2013


Since 2009 LiT has served a diverse community of over 1,000 members from the NY/CT area and has offered approximately 100 events. We provided workshops on topics related to job search, recent trends in the labor market, hosted informational panel discussions and  offered sessions on wellness & provided networking events for people who were in transition and looking to either secure employment or change careers. Our members benefited from a robust team of gifted subject matter experts, personal & executive coaches, published authors and motivational speakers. We were proud of the supportive and engaged community which grew out of our mission to respond to the profound impact that the 2008 economic downturn had on all of us. Our members were always generous in supporting each other and sharing success stories, declaring that the LiT meeting was where they needed to be on a Thursday night and always offered regular feedback to help the Steering Committee develop a meaningful and relevant program. This active participation and respect for the members of the LiT community really created a safe and productive environment.  It has truly been an honor and privilege to work with you all!

Last year the Steering Committee was reviewing LiT’s record, accomplishments and considering our possible next steps. We conducted an online survey to reevaluate our program’s effectiveness and relevance to a changing and smaller audience.  After many difficult meetings and thoughtful deliberation the Steering Committee has determined that we would end our program in December 2013.

We wish to remind you of some of the other resources which are available in this region:

WNO- Westchester Networking Organization’s website: http://wno.weebly.com,

The Employment Assistance Resources Networking (EARN) Group, website: http://earnatstpats.com.

The Ramsey Job Search Work Team’s Yahoo Group produces a comprehensive NY-tri-state listing of meetings & programs on a weekly basis which was always shared with LiT members, if you would like to receive this newsletter please contact: ramseywst@yahoogroups.com

If there are any other groups which may be worth noting for our members kindly send us the information via your reply to this message and we’ll share it with our members.  Thanks!

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not thank the leadership & members of The Rye Presbyterian Church and our sponsors: Christ Church, The Church of the Resurrection, The Woman’s Club of Rye Committee for Children’s Philanthropy and the Agatha Durland Foundation for their generous support.


Best wishes, it has been a pleasure working with you all!


The Lives in Transition Steering Committee

Gail Langeloh & Cecilia Quintero

Co-Chairs of LiT